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The Spring Festival holiday is over and the Year of the Rabbit officially begins! Come on! 29 / 01

Dear partners:

       Our company has been working normally on January 29, 2023 (the eighth day of the first lunar month). If you want to order PLC and DCS parts, please call+8615260566922 (Whatsapp - Rorue)!

       I wish you a happy new year and smooth work!


The Spring Festival holiday is over and the Year of the Rabbit officially begins! Come on!


1756-EN2T 1794-IB16 1746-OAP12
1756-OB32 1715-IB16D 1775-MED
1746-P4 1764-LRP 1784-PCMC1
1768-L45S 1785-L80B 1756-DMD30
1756-CNBR 1769-L36ERM 1715-AENTR
1746-HT 1784-PCIC 1756-MVI
1756-L1 1756-L55M14 1756-L55M22
1783-BMS07SA 2711-T10G20 1756-OF8
1756-SYNCH 2711P-RN6 1746-N2
1761-NET-AIC 1771-IXHR 1746-IM16
1794-TB3 1746-OW16 1768-EWEB
1794-IT9 1756-A17 1715-OB8DE
1747-M13 1784-CF64 1747-L541
1756-M02AE 1756-OB16S 1756-RMC1
1756-OB16I 1771-SDN 1756-TBCH
1766-L32BXB 1734-IB4 1771-P4R
1769-L33ER/A 1756-L75 1794-OA8
1756-OA8E 1747-AIC 1756-PA75R
1791-16A0 1794-OE4 1785-V40V
1747-DCM 1756-L61 1756-PA75
1756-PB72 1769-L31 2711-B5A8X
1762-OA8 1794-IB32 1747-L552/B
1794-IV16 2711-T10C8X 1756-OB16IEF
1771-PS7 1756-PB75R 1747-OCPCM2
1756SC-IF8H 1785-V80B 1756-IA32
1783-MS06T 2711P-T10C4D2 1769-IF4XOF2
1747-L551/A 1747-L542/C 2711P-T7C4D8
1746-NT8 2711P-T10C4D1 1794-IR8
1769-L19ER-BB2B 1756-EN2TXT 1769-SM2
1756-OX8I 1769-OA8 1786-XT
1771-IAN 1769-IQ32T 1794-OE8H
1746-P1 1746-BTM 1785-L30B
1756-OB16D 2711P-B6C20D 1756-L71S
1756-PB75 1756-N2 1769-OV32T
1771-P4S1 1747-KE 1771-OBD/C
2711-K5A5 1784-CP 1715-TADIF16
1769-PA2 1746-A10 1761-NET-DNI
1746-NR4 1775-GA 1770-XYC
1762-IT4 2711P-RP1 1756-CN2R
1756-EN2TR 2711P-T12C6D2 1772-LS
1783-ETAP 1747-SDN 1769-L31ER-NSE
1734-IT2I 1772-LN2 1756-DMA31
1756-OB16E 1769-IQ16 1746-IA8
1756-EN2F 1771-OA 1784-PCC/B
1747-L532 1785-L40b 1756-L71/B
1756-IA16I 2711C-K2M 1756-RMC11
1746-FIO4V 1791-16BC 1788-EN2DN
2711P-T10C4D8 1757-plx52 1756-OB16IF
1747-UIC 1775-S5 2711P-T12C4D8
1746SC-INO4I 1756-L55M12 1756-IB16ISOE
1766-L32BXBA 1756-L1M2 1756-L63
1786-TPS 1784-PKTX 1771-IL
1786-TPR 1763-L16BBB 1762-OB16
1756-CP3 1771-WB 2711P-T15C4D1
1746-NIO4I 1746-A7 1769-OW8
1747-L524 1794-OF41 1771-A2B
1788-ENBT 190E-AND2-CB40B-KN 1756-BATA
1756-IA16 1746-OB8 1762-L40BWA
1775-KA 190E-MNZ242-CB40X 1756-OF8H
1746-OB32E 1771-WHFB 1746-NO8I
1769-IQ32 1746-IO12 1771-OWNA
1747-L514 1771-CP1 1756-RMC3
1775-L4 1785-L40L 1784-PCMK
1785-V40L/A 1756-L55M23 1756-L1M3
2711-B5A10 1715-N2S 1785-L60L
1783-US5T 1756-CN2R/B 1769-OF8C
1756-WS 1756-ENBT 1746-WS
1746-I012DC 1788HP-EN2PA 1756-PA72
1771-WHFN 1771-IBN/C 1794-IB16D
2711-K10C10 1785-L20E 2711-M3A18L1
1757-FIMRTP 1771-OQ16 1769-OF5
1785-L20C 1747-ACN15 1769-IR6
1786-RPFM 1715-TADOB8DE 1756-IB32/B
1746-OB16E 1747-L542 1756-IRT8I
1769-L30 1746-IB16 1771-IFEK
1785-L80C 1756-IV16 1747-ASB
1746-IV16 1756-OW16I 1756-OA16I
1715-N2T 1746-NI8 1746-OA16
1747-C10 1757-FIM 1746-OV32
1746-IV32 1769-OB32 1747-M11
1762-L24AWA 1747-SCNR 1734-OB8
1746SC-IN04VI 1794-OE12 1756-IF8H
1769-L36ERMS 1771-OFE2 1769-L23-QBFC1B
1756-CN2 2711C-T3M 2711P-T15C4D8
1784-PM16SE 1756-OB16IS 1794-ACNR15
1756-IB16I 1783-BMS10CL 1769-L24ER-QBFC1B
1734-OB4E 1785-L20C15 1769-IF4
1771-IB 1762-L24BXB 1794-OF4I
1747-L543 1771-OBD 2711-B6C10
1769-OF8V 1756-RM2/A 1769-OW16
2711C-T4T 1756-IF16 1746-OW4
1756-L71 1771-IFM 1747-SN
2711-T5A10L1 1769-L35CR 1785-L80E
1769-L23E-QB1B 1715-TADIB16D 1794-PS1
1746-OG16 1756-M08SE 1769-ASCII
1775-MEA 1756-L63S 1746-OB16
1785-LT3 1769-PB2 1756-BA1
1756-EWEB 1794-CE1 1794-IB8
1746-IC16 1746-P3 1756-IB32
1756-L55M16 1756-OA8D 1794-VHSC
1794-L34 1769-L30ER 1757-SRC1
1771-IAD 1747-L551 1756-IB16
1756-A10 1790D-TN4V0 1786-RPFRL
1756-OF8I 2711C-T6T 1756-DNB/E
1746-IB32 1791-16AC 1746-NI16I
1762-OW8 1756-RM 1769-L30ER-NSE
1756-L55M24 1785-L80C15 1794-OM8
1756-LSC8XIB8I 1756-2WS 2711-T10C15L1
1756-DMF30 1786-BNC 1734-IR2
1746-OBP16 1768-L43 2711P-RAK6
1791-24B8 1794-IT8 2711-K5A16L3
1756-L55M13 1756-M03SE 1764-28BXB
1757-BEM 1756-L60M03SE 2711P-T7C4D9
1771-DB 1784-PCICS 2711P-B15C15D1
1756-L72 1756-RM2 1790D-T0B16
1771-OAN 1756-OA16 1771-P6S1
1769-OV16 1746-NO8V 2711-B5A3
1785-V40L 1746-OV8 1788-DNBO
1771-OVN 1794-IA8I 2711P-RAK7
1784-PKTXD 1761-L32BWA 2711-K5A2X
1794-IRTB 1734-OB4 1769-ECL
2711C-K3M 1746-NIO4V 1771-IFC
1794-TBNF 1794-TB3G 1771-NIVR
1769-IT6 1766-L32AWA 1784-KT
1746-A13 1756-CNB/E 2711-T6C20L1
1783-EMS08T 1786-RG6 1784-PCIDS
1769-L19ER-BB1B 1756-L62 1794-ADN
1771-NC15 1734-ACNR 1771-OWN
1715-A2A 1791-OB32 1771-KF
1775-S4B 1715-TAS0B8DE 2711P-B7C15D7
1756-L62S 1746-ITV16 1766-L32BWAA
1768-PB3 1785-ME64 1771-A4B
1746-INT4 1794-OB8 1794-OW8
1715-A3IO 1715-TASIF16 1747-DTAM
1785-ME16 1794-IRT8 2711-K6C20L1
1756-OF6CI 1756-HSC 1771-ISC
1756-IRT9I 1747-L553 1771-IGC
1771-OW16 1757-FFLD2 1747-PCIL
1756SC-IF8U 1756-L74 1769-ADN
1756-CNB 1715-TASIB16D 1745-E102
1747-L552 1768-M04SE 1756-OB8
1769-PA4 1794-TB32 1756-HIST1G
1785-BCM 1762-IQ8 1772-LZP
1768-L43S 1747OC-EBCBA 1769-2WS
1756-IV32 1747-L531 1756-PSCA2
1784-PCMK/A 1756-RIO 1771-WS
1756-LSP 1746-OW8 2711P-T10C15A6
1757-SRC3 1746-NR8 1762-L40AWAR
1762-OB32T 1768-PA3 2711C-RG6T
1769-L33ERMS 1794-TB2 2711P-RDB10C
1769-BA 1783-BMS20CGP 1745-E101
1746SC-IA8I 1769-L20 1768-CNB
1762-IQ32T 1746-IN16 2711-B5A5L1
2711-B6C1 1769-BOOLEAN 2711P-T7C4D2K
1783-MS10T 1756-IT6I 1747-M2
1784-PKTS 1756-DNB 1771-IE
1769-IF16C 1762-OF4 1771-WI
1769-OF4VI 1756-A13 2711P-B10C15A7
1746-OB32 1764-LSP 2198-D020-ERS3
1775-LX 190E-MNZ242-CB40s  1771-HM
1746-OX8 2711-K5A2 1797-IBN16
1785-ENET 1756-L63/A 1769-CRL3
1746-NI04I 190S-ANZJ2-CB10C 1771-KG
1746-NT4 1794-OA8I 2711P-T7C4D1
1794-ASB/E 1772-LX 2711-B5A1
1769-OF4 2711P-RC3 1769-OW8I
1785-PFB 1784-KTCX15 1734-VTM
1756-EN2T/C 1794-OB16 1757-FFLDC4
1783-US8T 1756-CNBR/E 2711P-K15C15D2
1756-L72S 1756-IB16D 1771-EZ
1747-L533 1756-OG16 1761-CBL-AC00
1769-SM1 1756-L65 1784-CP13
1786-RPA 1785-L20E/E 1771-ALX
1784-SD1 1785-L20B 1771-IA
1756-L63/B 1756-IF6CIS 1794-AENTR
1756-A7 1785-LT/B 2711-K5A15L1
1784-KTCS 2711-K10C1 1336-GM1
1771-HS3A 1766-L32BWA 2711P-RL10C
1771-DXPS 2711-B6C8L1 1734-TB3
1746-IO8 2711P-T12C6B2 1734-IJ
1771-NR 1786-CP 1747-L40B
1756-EN3TR 1788-CNC 1746-HCA
1794-OV16 1747-L543P 1734-0EV2
1762-IQ8OW6 1794-IA8 1747-OCPCI4
1746-IM8 1757-SRM 1745-E156
1785-L40C 1783-BMS10CGA 1747-L30L
1756-L73 2711-K10C15L1 1746-IA4
1775-S4A 1756-IF4FXOF2F 40888-490-01-S1FX
2711P-RN10C 1756-BA2 2711E-ND1
1769-ECR 1784-KTXD 1734-VHSC5
1756-PAR2 1794-IE12 1764-24AWA
1761-CBL-HM02 1747-L542/B 1771-AL
1756-L7SP 190-CPS40 1770-P1
1794-OB16P 1771-P5E 1756-M2
1747-AICR 1768-L45 1769-L32C
2711C-T6M 1775-SR 1762-L40BWAR
1756-ENET 1784-CF128 1745-PT1
1746sc-NO8i 1756-OF6VI 1606-XLS480E-3
1747-L551/B 2711C-T10C 1734-PDN
1756-OV16E 1756-TBS6H 2711-T10C10L1
1715-OF8I 1785-l40c15 1761-L20AWA-5A
1756-DHRIO 1746-IA16 1771-OGC
1768-L43/B 1747-BA 1783-ETAP1F
1794-OB8EP 1756HP-GPS 1791D-OB16P
1762-L24BWA 1788-CN2FF 1769sc-IT6I
1769-L33ER 1772-LW 1771-ODC
1747-AENTR 1762-IF2OF2 1771-AF
1747-L511 1756-L55 1771-KA
1747-M12 1746-NO4I 1771-OQC
1756-IF8 190E-AND2-CB40S 2711P-B7C15A2
1746-OV16 1769-L34ER 1769-OA16
1768-ENBT 1769-IM12 1771-ODZ
1756-IH16I 1784-KTX 1762-L24AWAR
1762-IQ16 1747-OCVGA1 2707-L8P2
1794-IE4X0E2 1784-PCC 2711-K5A14L2
1746-P2 1756-IM16I 2711P-B12C4D1
1794-TB3S 1785-L60B 1771-CR
22A-D8P7N104 1756-TBNH 1763-L16AWA
1762-OB8 1771-IK 1794-APB
1783-BMS06SA 1747-L30C 2711P-T7C15A1
140M-C2E-B40  1715-TADOF8 1772-LB
1746-ITB16 1715-C2 1769-CRR3
1756-L61S 1746-NI4 1769-ARM
1769-OB16 1756-L63XT 1756-PSCA
1771-OZL 1788-CN2DN 1797-TB3S
1746-HSCE 1785-ME32 2711P-RP2
1771-ACNR15 1756-IF6I 2711P-RL10C2
1756-IG16 1746-HSRV 1771-P5
1771-WN 1793-OB16P 2711C-CBL-UU02
1746SC-INI4VI 190S-ANDJ1-CB40C 1790D-T8BV8B
1715-TASOF8 1746-IB8 1771-P7
1715-IF16 1756-RMC10 1791-IOVW
1794-PS3 1768-CNBR 1794-IB10XOB6
22B-D4P0N104 1769-L24ER-QB1B 2711P-RP9D
1756-OV32E 1746-IH16 2711P-T15C15D6
1769-OF2 1746-HS 2711P-K4M5A
1756-A4 1756-L64 1794-OB32P
1747-L20C 1756-IB16IF 2711-NM15
1769-L32E 1756-SIM 1746-NI16V
1756-OF4 1769-CRL1 1794-AV-MVI
1746-IO12DC 1756-M16SE 1771-E1C
2711C-F2M 1746-NO4V 1769SC-IF4IH
1788-CNCR 1784-PCIS 2711-T5A9L1
1756-RM/A 1746-HSCE2 1791D-0B16PX
1788-CNET 22B-B024N104 1794-ASB
1771-NC6 1784-PKTX/A 1794-OA16
1756-M14 1756-PLS 1769-L33ERM
1769-L35E 190S-ANEJ2-CB40C-KN 2711P-K4M3D
1769-IQ6XOW4 1762-IF4 1606-XLDC40A
1794-IB16 1756-L73S 1775-P2

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