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Rockwell AB Low-Voltage Frequency Converter 09 / 02

25B-D4P0N104, 25B-D2P3N104, 25B-D2P3N114, 25B-D4P0N114, 25B-D010N104, 25B-D6P0N104, 25B-D017N104, 25B-D6P0N114, 25B-D010N114, 25B-D013N104 ,25B-D013N114, 25A-D2P3N104, 25B-D1P4N104, 25B-D017N114, 25B-D024N104, 25B-D043N114, 25A-D4P0N104, 25B-D1P4N114, 25B-D037N114, 25-COMM-E2P, 25A-D1P4N104, 25B-D030N114, 25B-D030N104, 25A-D6P0N104, 25A-D010N104, 25B-D024N114, 25A-D2P3N114, 25A-D017N114, 25A-D024N104, 25A-D010N114, 25A-D4P0N114, 25A-D6P0N114, 25A-D017N104, 25A-D037N114, 25A-D013N104, 150-F251NBD, 25A-D043N114, 25A-D030N104, 25-ENC-1, 150-C25NBD, 25A-D1P4N114, 25A-D024N114, 25A-D030N114, 25A-D013N114, 150-C25NBR, 150-F25NBDB


Our PowerFlex? VFD series provides various control modes, functions, options and packaging, as well as global voltage and multiple power ratings. This flexible product portfolio is designed to ensure that you keep in touch with the operation and ultimately improve productivity. PowerFlex compact AC converter provides an economical and practical general solution, which is suitable for application projects requiring speed control and simple system integration. PowerFlex engineering AC drives provide a wide range of functions and application project-specific parameters. These drives are ideal for applications requiring speed, torque, and/or position control.


Engineering low voltage AC converter


PowerFlex? The engineering AC converter is an economical and practical solution, which is applicable to a wide range of global applications. The design features of this universal converter are easy to use, time-saving advantages, and compact packaging to optimize the cabinet space and application project versatility.



Compact low-voltage AC converter


PowerFlex? Compact AC converter is a simple and cost-effective solution suitable for equipment-level stand-alone control applications or simple system integration. This universal drive has an easy-to-use design feature, provides a compact package, and can optimize the cabinet space and application project versatility.


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